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Dec 5, 2013 3:00am EST
coming in to the economies across europe. not expect a surprise announcement. there is a talk of bank deposits. it he talks more broadly about the numbers and the market economies. >> what is the next step? are we going into asset quality reviews? maybe? underestimateer it. he made surprises in the january and february part of the year with his package that does something a bit more than that there is a coalition agreement and i think she will be behind some of the stimulus. >> talk to me about your favorite picks. talk to me about the macro environment. diverse. >> indeed. play.are a macro- there is growth in china and the it demonstrates some and boost cash flow. the cash flow comes through next year and stronger growth in oil prices. your your go back to unit trust. joined later are in the hour. 2014l ask him about his investment strategy. we'll have more on this story thisf apple can deal with on the move. >> in london, this is on the move. we on your phone, your tablet. here is what is on the move. we heard news this morning. accounts in the electronics business and they gained 5
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
google and apple urged the u.s. government to stop it is spying. japanese economy slows. exclusive interview with the prime minister tells us there is no end to abenomics. good morning, everybody. i am guy johnson. >> i'm francine lacqua. let's get straight to the top corporate story. fiat is planning a $9 billion investment in new models. >> it is part of their turnaround strategy to end losses in europe and revise its italian factories. jonathan ferro joins us now with the details. big money, big focus on the romeo. marks like alfa >> it is not just about upscale and luxury, it is about the cars and fiat that are actually selling, the 500, the alfa romeo that has mass is potential at the luxury end of things and the maserati as well. u.s. selling more in the than anywhere else. it is about made in italy and it looks like it is going to be about sold in the united states. has beent in europe doing so badly and they have had to cut jobs within italy itself heard good news because they're actually leveraging the luxury branding that goes with the identity of italy. that is where the
Dec 6, 2013 3:00am EST
the spotlight on an emerging economy. i guess investors such a yourself, i know you cover emerging markets. what is your take on brazil overall or emerging markets? >> i think emerging markets in general are facing some head winds. really a reverse oovel what we have seen in the last many years or diamondback aid or so. in particular, the previous decade we were seeing falling global interest rates. we have a theme in commodity prices which which is in some way reversing over the medium term. thirdly, you had a significant boost to many emerging economists as a result of the labor markets which is becoming less parent as we move forward. when you add to the fact that some emerging markets have also built up external -- making their currencies vulnerable and leaving them also vulnerable to inflation and pressures and rising rates. the cocktail i think results in more concerns about merging economies and their markets relative to what we're seeing in the developed economies where a more sustained economic recovery and profit recovery, i think, is coming flument >> peter thank you so much for that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3